• Online portfolio service

    View your investments securely online, whenever you want
  • With our 24/7 secure online service you can view

    • Your international funds in real-time.
    • The current value of your shareholding and number of shares held.
    • 18 months of transaction history.
    • Your dividend history.
    • Your current address and special instruction information.
    • Your bank account details including where we send your dividends and redemption proceeds (if applicable).

    The Online Portfolio Service is currently not available to our Regular Savings Plan or Lloyds Bank Managed Portfolio Service shareholders.

  • Security

    You can be assured that all your information will be sent securely.

    There are two ways you can see if you have a secure connection.

    • The first few characters of the web address in your address bar will change from the usual http to https — the 's' stands for secure.
    • You'll see a little padlock icon, in the locked position, appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This means the information you've entered will be encrypted, i.e. will be sent to us using a secret code that will be unintelligible to unauthorised parties.
  • Register

    • Select 'Shareholders register now' or 'Agents register now' below.
    • Enter a few personal details. You'll be asked to create your own Password and Memorable Information that you'll need to remember when you log on.
    • Call us, and once we have verified your details we'll send you a letter with your User name.
    • Log on using your User name, Password and Memorable Information.
  • For more information call us on
    +44 (0)1534 845555

    Mon-Fri 9am–5pm UK time.

    Calls may be monitored/recorded.