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Instant access


    International Bonus Saver Account

    Interest rate:varies per currency
    Min. Deposit£5,000, €5,000, US$5,000
    Max. Deposit:£5m, €5m, US$5m

    Benefits of this account

    • Available in Sterling, Euro and US Dollar
    • Earn a bonus rate in the first year
    • Make new deposits into your account at any time
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    International Regular Saver

    Interest rate:3.00% AER / 2.96% Gross Fixed if no withdrawals made during the year

    After 12 months the account transfers to the International Instant Access Saver with a rate of 0.10% AER/Gross Fixed. Interest paid monthly.

    Benefits of this account

    • Save between £500 and £2,500 per month via Standing Order
    • Save for a 12 month term
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Fixed term deposits


    Fixed Term Deposit

    Interest rate:varies per currency
    Access:At end of term
    Min. Deposit:£10,000/€10,000/US$10,000
    Max. Deposit:£5m/€5m/US$5m

    Benefits of this account

    • Earn a fixed interest rate for 1 year
    • Know exactly how much you'll earn
    • Available in Sterling, Euro and US Dollar
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    Structured Deposit

    Term:Typically up to 5.5 years
    Minimum deposit:Typically £10,000 or US$20,000
    Access:At the end of the term

    In the event of early withdrawal you may receive back significantly less than your original deposit amount

    Benefits of this account

    • Aims to pay at least your original deposit back at the end of the term.
    • Potential for additional return depending on the performance of various financial markets (e.g. indices, stock, commodities or currencies).
    • Only available during limited campaign offers throughout the year.
    • We can let you know when our next offers is available.
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Other accounts

  • Money Market


    Money Market

    Interest rate:Variable
    Min. deposit:£10,000 or the equivalent in another currency

    Benefits of this account

    • Save in most major currencies
    • Instant access to your money
    • The more you deposit the higher the interest rate will be
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