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  • Premier international account

    Current account in Euro, US Dollar and Sterling

  • Benefits

    • Choice of Euro, Sterling and US Dollar with a Visa debit card for each currency 
    • Fee free international payments and transfers from overseas 
    • A dedicated Relationship Manager 
    • 24/7 access to your money via Telephone and Internet Banking 
    • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family, eligibility criteria applies 
  • Need to know

    • A monthly fee of £20/€20/US$30 applies if your balance falls below £2,500/€2,500/US$3,500
    • Recipient and corresponding banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments
    • Accounts are domiciled in the Isle of Man or Gibraltar depending on your country of residence
    • Available in many countries but not all. See eligibility below.
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  • Need help?

    From the UK, call:
    0800 055 6358  

    Outside the UK, call:
    +44 (0) 1624 641 825  

    Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and Sat. 9.30am-1.30pm UK time. Calls may be monitored/recorded.

    Or contact your Relationship Manager

  • Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Interest Rates
  • Charges & Fees
  • Terms & Conditions


  • Our Premier International Account offers:

    • A choice of three currencies  so you can spend without paying exchange fees (Euro, Sterling and US Dollar)
    • Fee free international payments:  we won't charge you for sending or receiving international money transfers. However recipient and corresponding banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments.
    • Individual Visa debit cards in €, £ & US$  for access to your available cash at Visa outlets wherever you are (additional charges apply)
    • A dedicated Premier Banking Relationship Manager
    • No monthly fee  on balances that remain above £2,500/€2,500/US$3,500. Otherwise a monthly fee of £20/€20/US$30 will apply. Only one fee applies for multi-currency accounts.
    • 24/7 Internet Banking and PhoneBank
    • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family

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    • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family
      • It covers you and your family whether travelling together or separately
      • The maximum age limit for medical and all other benefits is now 75 years inclusive.
      • Details of the services we provide are included in the welcome pack you will receive but you can also read the terms and conditions  for a summary of benefits and exclusions
      • Due to regulatory requirements it isn't available to US and Canadian residents
      • If you live in the European Economic Area (EEA) you need to apply for a Sterling current account to benefit from it.
      • We only offer products from a single company, underwritten by AXA Insurance plc. We do not provide advice on travel insurance and we will not make comparisons with other similar products including those which you may currently hold. You will need to make your own choice about how to proceed


  • Account eligibility

    • To be eligible you need a gross annual income () of £50,000 or currency equivalent .
    • For joint accounts  at least one of the applicants needs a gross annual income of that amount.
    • Alternatively you can also be eligible if you have £25,000 (or currency equivalent) to deposit  (solely or jointly) with Lloyds Bank international banking services within 3 months of opening your account.
    • You also need to make an initial deposit into your account within 30 days of opening.  
    • Depending on legislation and regulations of the country you live in, we may not be able to offer you this account.  
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    Travel insurance eligibility

    Due to regulatory requirements:
    • US and Canada residents are not eligible for travel insurance but can still apply for the bank account
    • EEA residents (except residents of the UK) need to apply for a Sterling Premier International Account to benefit from travel insurance
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Interest Rates

  • Sterling accounts: no interest paid

    Euro accounts: no interest paid

    US Dollar accounts: no interest paid

    All interest rates are variable and subject to change.

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Charges & Fees

    • Using your Premier International Account

      • There is no monthly fee if you keep a balance of at least £2,500/€2500/US$3500 in your fee paying account.
      • If your balance falls below these values during the month, then a fee of £20/€20/US$30 is payable in that month.
      • Only one fee applies if you have multiple accounts.
      Account currencyMonthly balance and subscription fee
      SterlingAbove £2,500: Free
      Under £2,500: £20 per month
      US DollarAbove $3,500: Free
      Under $3,500: $30 per month
      EuroAbove €2,500: Free
      Under €2,500: €20 per month
    • Operating your Premier International Account

      Planned and unplanned overdrafts

      Sterling international accounts  (rates correct as of 05/09/2013)

      Planned overdrafts
      (by prior arrangement, Sterling accounts only)
      Up to £200 : no interest charged

      Over £200 : Monthly interest at 1.23% (AER 15.8% )
      Unplanned overdrafts
      Sterling international accounts
      Sterling international accounts monthly Interest at 1.23% (AER 15.8% )
      Monthly fee of £15
      Maximum of one monthly fee charged in a monthly billing period
      Daily fee
      Sterling international account

      When your Unplanned Overdraft balance is:  

      Less than £25 : £6 a day

      £25 - £100 : £15 a day

      More than £100 : £20 a day

      A maximum of ten daily fees will be charged in a monthly billing period.

      Currency accounts

      Unplanned overdrafts on currency accounts  (rates correct 05/09/2013)
      Annual equivalent rate

      EuroUS Dollar

      Rates change in line with base rates (European Central Bank Rate + 5% for Euro accounts and Federal Funds Rate + 5% for US dollar accounts) although they will not change immediately after a base rate change.

      Please contact us  for the latest rates or for further information on Unplanned Overdraft charges for these accounts.

      For more information on overdraft charges on sterling International Accounts, download our Overdrafts Rates and Charges guide .

    • Using your Premier International debit card

      Current Charges and Fees

      Currency of the Premier debit cardFee for issuing the cardCurrency conversion fee*Cash withdrawalsATM limit
      SterlingFREE with international accounts2.99%1.5%
      Min £2
      Max £4.50
      US DollarFREE with international accounts2.99%1.5%$750
      EuroFREE with international accounts2.99%1.5%€750
      • The conversion fee only applies when the transaction is in different currency to that of the card. For example, there is no currency conversion fee when you use a US Dollar Debit Card to draw US Dollars in cash, or to purchase goods and services in the United States.
    • Sending funds

      International Moneymover ServiceFree:
      • Through Currency Internet Banking
      • Through International PhoneBank, in branch, or in writing
      • Through Standing Order
      • To your other accounts held with Lloyds Banking Group

      Recipient and Corresponding Banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments.  

      International drafts£15 (plus registration fee if posted)
      Electronic Funds Transfer
      (CHAPS payments within the British Isles)
      Cash withdrawals and deposits into the US Dollar Account and/or Euro Account

      2% on the Sterling equivalent of each currency, minimum £3 per currency and £10 administration fee

      These accounts are not designed to be used for the receipt of notes or coins. If you need this service, please contact your International Banking Team.

      Recalling a payment

      £20 per payment

      We cannot guarantee the cancellation as funds may already have been paid to the beneficiary.

      You could receive less than the original amount of the payment, due to adverse exchange rate movements

    • Receiving funds

      Electronic Bank Transfer from another financial institutionFree
      Cheque Collections

      Cheques up to £100 : £5

      Cheques of £100 and above:
      25p per £100 (min £15, max £80 per cheque)

      Cheque negotiation to Sterling account
      The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.

      Cheques up to £100 : £5

      Cheques of £100 and above:
      25p per £100 (min £8, max £80 per cheque)

      Cheques in a foreign currency drawn in a different country
      (e.g. US Dollars drawn in France, but not UK):
      25p per £100 (min £10, max £80 per cheque)

      Cheque negotiation to current account
      The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.

      Cheques in the same currency as the account : £2 per cheque

      Chequesrequiring currency conversion : £4 per cheque

    • Other standard services

      Supplying copies of previous bank statements£5 per request
      An administration charge may be made for excessive requests
      Courier for debit cards£15 for the first card, £30 at renewal
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